If you are planning to make your shop available for consumers online, then you are at right place. Venex Webtech not only creates E-Commerce websites but also provides management solutions for your online shop whenever you require in future. Presently with numerous E-Commerce businesses over the internet and many more evolving everyday, it is not easy to compete in the market even at your small town or city. This needs efficient E-Commerce shop to be built right from the beginning. We know you have an excellent plan on board to implement on your future E-Commerce shop, therefore we believe in working with every requirement passed on to us instantly so that we can make your plan live on your website. Our flexibility in our service enables the incremental change in your requirements to be effected without any glitches.



Our Web-Store Creation & Management Service has many other solutions and services

Inventory Optimization

Sit relaxed as you do not need to toil much harder to manage your inventory. With complete optimized inventory you will be able to keep track of your products and order requests more efficiently and in timely fashioned. See the status of your inventory with few types and clicks requiring no computer skills. Our inventory optimization has the benefits of rich graphics which is very user friendly and also the functionalities are tested several times before delivery of inventory to you.

Feed Preparation for Google

as the Google Products online has never remained the same for all the time, we help your shop remain compatible and updated along with any slight change to Google Catalogs.

eBay Product Listing

Selling the product through other sources online like eBay is desirable for owners of e commerce website. How can one list so many products from his/her website on eBay within few minutes? Our eBay multiple products listing tool helps you to list your products in bulk and also look professional online. This tool is very easy for users with no computer skills.

Payment Gateway Integration with your products being sold online, it is essential that you have a payment procedure implemented in the website for the buyers to pay the price. We integrate e commerce payment gateway to process the payment information between the payment portal and your account receiving the money. We work on different payment gateways like, PayPal, Google Checkout or any other custom payment gateway integration.

We create Web-Store for any kind of product which can be sold online. We not only create online shop for new business but also for those who are online for decades whereas they are not automated. We serve not only products but also services. Services! It may puzzle many that why services will need E-Commerce Web-store. Many services need an automated system to process every customer request efficiently. If your service providing company receives numerous clients online everyday, then it is very difficult to process them manually. For every requirement explained above, the solution is our E-Commerce Web-Store Creation & Management Service. We keep our skills updated to changing technology in the market.


The major industries for which we have worked for are

  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Consumer Retail